Parent Council

At West Hove Infant  School, we are committed in our vision to work closely with parents and carers:

“Parents and carers are true partners in the education of their children”

In order to work towards ensuring a good working relationship and communication with parents we have set up a Parent Council. We genuinely wish to seek, and take account of, parent’s views and involve them as much as possible in life and work of the school. Research has shown that children behave better and achieve more when their parents are involved in their education. Concerns can be resolved more quickly when parents have a good relationship with the school.

We feel that it is important that parents have a forum where they can express their views, know that they can make a difference, and learn more about how the school operates. The Parent Council will be a place for parents to learn more about the school and a place for the school to learn more about parents.

The comments and ideas of the parent council can be viewed below:

Parent Council Minutes 16.01.18

Please click on the School Travel projects below to view our presentation that was shown at our last parent council meeting.

Three children outside playing on a musical instrument on a wall