Pupil Personal Development

Pupil Personal Development is the approach we take as a school to ensure that each child’s journey with us includes key experiences that enrich the development of who they are as a person.

This includes both academic and social aspects of learning such as school trips, class shows, learning about key historical figures and contributing to the life of our community. Through our use of the CARE acronym, children have key opportunities during the school year to develop their Courage, Ambition, Respect and Effort.

Please click on the image below to see how your child’s journey with us and how we learn together. Please use the + and – tool in the centre of the page to enlarge the images for you to read each step.

Resources and Links

There are so many resources for PSHE & C online, It can be tricky to know where to begin! Below are some links to key websites where you can learn more ways to support learning at home.




Protective Behaviours

Global Citizenship