Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 webpage.

This Autumn term our topic is called ‘Wonderful and Wild’.

We will be learning about the wonderful world around us. In Design and Technology we will be learning how to prepare a colourful fruit salad as well as designing our own delicious and healthy sandwich.

The children will become historians, exploring ‘Changes within Living Memory’. They will be comparing their own lives at the age of five or six to that of their own family members when they were the same age and how shops and our community have changed.

In English we will be reading the story ‘Walking through the Jungle’ by Stella Blackstone. We will be learning the story through drama before becoming authors and retelling the text in our own words. We will also write letters to our older family members about how things have changed within our living memory


Through Science we will be examining seasons and what the differences between the four seasons are and how the weather looks like for each of them. Then in Autumn 2 we will be investigating different animals, identifying ways of sorting and classifying them, and learning about their environment and food habits. Our PE will be practising our ball skills and striking and fielding before moving onto learning some incredible gymnastics moves.

We will be exploring where we live through Geography, using maps to identify places and countries, with a focus on the countries of the UK and their capital cities.

In Art we will look at fruit from around the world, closely observing the detail in different fruits and reproducing what we see using different media. At the start of the year we will be drawing our class animals to decorate our doors!

As the winter season draws in, the children will be learning how to use clay to make a sculpture. We will be making festival lantern pots and learning about different cultural celebrations which use lights.

What an exciting first term in Year 1!



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