Year 1

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world and people - autumn term

This Summer term our topic is called ‘The Secret Garden’.


In the first half of the Summer we will be learning about what a plant needs to grow. From a surprise visitor (watch this space!) we will be growing our very own plants in class to observe changes in plant life. We will be using our writing skills to make recordings in our very own ‘growing diaries.’


In Art, we will be exploring artists from around the world who have painted flowers in different mediums. We will create our very own art work in the style of a famous artist and use this as an inspiration in English to help us write poems about flowers we know.


As part of our growing topic we will be enjoying reading and acting out the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We will read different versions of the story and then become writers ourselves to change part of the traditional tale. We are sure you will look forward to reading them!


In the second half term we will be learning all about the mini-beasts in our environment!


In Science we will be learning about the life cycle of the butterfly and observing the changes that occur. We will also be becoming bug explorers as we investigate, sort and classify different types of mini-beasts.


In English, we will be using a special animated story to inspire us as writers. We will be creating our own story maps to help us plan and retell this very

funny story in our own words!


Through Geography we will be developing our mapping and compass skills. We will be mapping routes around our school, and identifying human and physical features in our environment.


As part of our History activities will be investigating the life of a famous person linked to our topic and will use our writing skills to create information posters about them.


For our fabulous finish we will be experimenting with our Design and Technology skills to create a moving puppet of a minibeast. We are sure they are going to look fantastic!


After this we think we will definitely be ready to ‘Aim High and Smile’ in Year 2! 


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