Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 and…

This Spring, we’re packing our bags and heading off to the world’s rainforests to meet all of the amazing people, plants and animals that have made the trees their home.

We’ll be learning all about habitatsfood chains and weather in the rainforests and producing heart-wrenching poetry, scintillating animal information texts and  jaw-dropping stories so that you can share our experience.

We’ll be dancing our way through PE to the rhythm of our very own percussion and perfectly- pitched rainforest songs before learning to play net games.

It’s easy to pick up some nasty diseases in the sweltering jungle heat, so we’ll be learning about habitats, health, growth and basic needs in science. In PSHE this term, we’ll be looking at gender stereotyping and how to set and achieve our goals.

In Computing, we’ll be learning to use search engines safely to research jungle animals before creating our own fabulous posters.