Year 2

Heroes and Villains

Grab your capes; it’s hero time!

Watch out! There’s a super villain about! A green masked menace has been causing havoc at the school and Year 2 are going to stop her in her tracks!

We’ll be writing persuasive letters to find heroes to help us in our hour of need. Our superhero art will be inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s use of bold primary colours and comic book style and we’ll use this style when creating our own fabulous comic books.

We’ll also learn about real life heroes and villains throughout history, including Guy Fawkes and Nelson Mandela.

In maths, we will be continuing our work with addition and subtraction, before moving onto money, multiplication and division.

We’ll continue our Scratch programming unit to develop our understanding of algorithms, directional language and basic programming as well as discussing e-safety.

In RE we’ll be learning all about Islam and its teachings and festivals and our Science this term will focus on different materials and their properties.

We’ll keep fit and healthy in PE with some net games and we’ll top it all of with a fabulous Christmas performance.

It’s going to be a great term!