Sun Safety Advice

As we enter the summer months at West Hove Infants, here are some top tips to keeping your child safe in the sun whilst at school!

  • Make suncream a part of your morning routine for exposed parts of your child’s body. The factor on suncreams indicate how long your child will be protected from burning. For example, if you burn within ten minutes of sun exposure, factor 50 will last 50 x 10mins (just over eight hours)
  • You can send your child into school with additional suncream for them to top up during the day. Staff are not allowed to rub suncream into your child/ren’s skin, but we can and will talk them through the process to ensure they’re protected
  • Sun hats are great for keeping children cool and protected at lunchtimes. There are usually spares available if you forget.
  • Encourage your child to stop for water throughout the school day: We will be doing the same here!
  • Even on cloudy days, the UV levels can still be high and so sun protection is still needed.

Enjoy the summer sun!