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Can you hear the roar of the dinosaur!  This half term we will be going back in time and exploring the land of the dinosaurs. A mysterious package will be arriving from the Natural History Museum with exhibits and facts to explore and find out about. And perhaps a special egg to look after. What will it hatch into we wonder? We will use all these exciting events to spark our writing about these formidable creatures.







In phonics we will be learning and practising our Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and those children who are already confident with these will be spotting them in their reading and writing.

In Maths we will be using counting on to work out the answer to addition questions. In Shapes, Space and Measures we will be learning about both 2d (flat) and 3d shapes. We will found out about money and its value, using coins to solve addition problems.  We will also be learning how to follow and give instructions using positional and directional vocabulary.

In Understanding of the World we will be talking about timelines and the concept of ‘extinction’, investigating habitats that dinosaurs would have lived in and going on a fossil hunt.







In PE we will continue to work on our control and co-ordination using different equipment and learning how to use these skills in games.

In Art we will be doing some collaborative weaving, drawing scales and skins and exploring the work of the artist Matisse and copying his collage and cutting artwork.

In Music we will continue to follow our Music Express program as well as learning some topic songs and songs from the Happy Sun High CD.

In PSED we will be following our Protective Behaviours program learning about naming different body parts, learning about different feelings and how to keep safe.

In Computing we will be learning to begin using the keyboard and making labels using words and pictures.

As always, underpinning all subject areas is Communication and Language whereby we will be practising to express ourselves and continue to expand our vocabulary based on all the new learning we will be immersed in.





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