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This term we are ‘In need of a Hero! There are plenty in our community to find out about! 

We will be learning all about our local heroes in the community – the people who work for the Emergency services and the people who’s job it is to care for others. We hope to hear from the school nurse and some parents with ‘Hero’ jobs. We will be reading stories and looking at ways we can be ‘heroes’ around our school by caring for each other and keeping ourselves and others healthy and safe.

In Phonics we will begin to learn our Phase 3 letter sounds, including DIAGRAPHS and a few TRIGRAPHS! We will be practising our blending and segmenting and play lots of games to spot the new sounds in words. Don’t forget to practise the Phonics sounds and Busy Bees at home and see how many you can spot when you are out and about!

In Maths we will be introducing the concept of ‘subtraction’ as taking away and continue accurate 1:1 counting of objects.

In Understanding of the World we will be learning about the Emergency services, thinking about the type of job we would like when we’re older and learning how to look after our bodies and our minds. We will be investigating forces and learning how to care for the birds in the Winter months.

This half term in PE, we are focusing on the Gymnastics. We will be moving with control and co-ordination using benches, mats and boxes to balance and travel along. We will combine our moves and improve our performance skills to finish our routines.

We will begin to learn our cursive script in handwriting and will be practising forming one letter a week, starting with all the curly letters of c, a, g, d, o and q.

Our creative focus this half term is Design and Technology. We will learn different ways to join materials and make informed choices to design and construct an emergency vehicle.

In Music, we will be exploring high and low pitch through singing and working with a partner.

In PSED the children will be learning how to keep their bodies. This will include learning about keeping clean, good sleep routines and healthy eating. We will also be learning about how to keep our minds healthy with five different focus areas.

In Computing we will talk about ways we can stay safe online and then further develop our mouse skills by learning about activities and games that can help with reading, writing, maths and creativity.

As always, underpinning all subject areas is Communication and Language whereby we will be practising to express ourselves effectively and continue to expand our vocabulary about our Heroes topic. What new words have you learnt already?

Children will be learning inside as well as outside so don’t forget to practise doing up your coat at home so you can get outside and get stuck in! It’s chilly out there!





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