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Reception Spring Term

This half term we are in need of a Hero! It’s a good job there are plenty in our community to find out about!

We are looking forward to meeting some of them in person when we have visits from the school nurse, the police service and parents with ‘Hero’ jobs. We will use information books to learn all about our Local Heroes. We shall read stories and find ways we can be ‘heroes’ around our school, by caring for each other and being ready to keep ourselves safe.

In Phonics we will begin to learn our Phase 3 letter sounds, including DIGRAPHS!!!! and revise our Phase 2 sounds. We will be practising our blending and segmenting and play lots of games to spot the new sounds we have learnt. Don’t forget to practise your Phonics at home and see how many you can spot when you are out and about!

In Maths we will be learning all about our numerals 11-15 and the concept of ‘subtraction’ as taking away. We will try out our measuring skills to find the length of some firefighter’s hoses and height of houses.

In Understanding of the World we will be finding out if we can find the fastest car to whizz down a ramp to our emergencies, talk about the type of job we would like when we’re older and learn what an Emergency is and who can help us.

This half term we are focusing on the Gymnastics aspect of PE. We will be moving with control and co-ordination using apparatus such as benches, mats and boxes to balance and travel along. We will use our performance skills to finish our routines.

We will begin to learn the cursive script in handwriting and will be practising forming one letter a week, starting with all the curly letters of c, a, o, g, d, and q.

In Design we will design and make an emergency vehicle. We will explore different ways to join materials and choose the best resources to build and construct appropriately.

In Music we will continue to follow our Music Express program as well as singing daily songs and rhymes in class. We also attend a weekly singing assembly where the whole year group get together to enjoy learning and performing new songs.

In PSED we will be learning how to stay healthy by washing our hands and looking at how to stay safe around home and school. We will look at how medicines can help us to get better and how brushing our teeth, washing our hair, applying sun cream and having a wash all help us to keep healthy and well.

In Computing we will learn about ways we can stay safe online and then explore ways that technology can make our learning more interactive and enjoyable.

As always, underpinning all subject areas is Communication and Language whereby we will express ourselves effectively and expand our vocabulary to talk about all of the amazing things our Heroes do!

We always learn inside and outside so don’t forget to practise doing up your coat to keep warm and dry in the coldest of terms!


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