Over many years West Hove Infant School and Hove Junior School have worked closely together to enhance the educational provision at both schools and to provide an environment where all children can be themselves and reach their full potential. The schools pride themselves in being creative, inclusive, and caring.

Together with the Governing Board of West Hove Infant School, we formed the view that a school federation, a group of two or more schools that make a formal commitment to work together under a single governing body, represents a strong and exciting opportunity to further develop and deliver extraordinary education for our children.

Following our public consultation, which ran from 26th April to 11th June, and taking into account all responses received from parents and carers, staff and our local community, both governing boards agreed to federate with effect from 10th September 2021.

This means that we can develop the informal partnership that already exists for the benefit of all our children, and will formalise the commitment from both schools to work together and build upon the success of informal collaboration over the years.

You can find the public consultation document below and our confirmation letter to parents and carers, which was issued on 15th June 2021.  Minutes from the board meeting on 14th June will be available on the Full Governing Board page of this site, following their formal approval in early July.

Following our parent governor elections I am pleased to confirm that Marie Benton and Anne-Marie Williamson have been elected to the Federated Governing Body as Parent Governor for a 4 year term, effective 10/09/2021.

Parent Governor Election Results Letter – 7th July 2021 

Mrs Lorna Cummings was officially elected as our staff governor.

Staff Governor Election Results Letter – 7th July 2021

If you have any other questions, please contact Chelle Mccann, Senior Clerk to Governors at michellemccann@westhove-inf.brighton-hove.sch.uk

The federation will officially commence in September when the governing boards of both schools will be dissolved, and the new board will take over.  The first federated governing board meeting will be held on the 13th of September 2021.