Snow Day Procedures

As weather forecasts are predicting snow and very cold weather conditions I thought it would be helpful to remind parents and carers of the school’s procedure in advance of any forthcoming bad weather.

If overnight snowfalls are so heavy as to seriously disrupt traffic or cause journeys to be dangerous, or we have an unexpected problem with the school’s heating or water supply it may be necessary to close the school. Where possible we will always aim to keep the school open, however the decision to close or remain open is often complicated as we have to take in to account so many unknowns for example; conditions of the local streets and pavements, if the buses have stopped running or the number of staff who are able to get into school. If a decision is made to close the school please consider the following points:

  • Listen to Heart Sussex (102.4 – 103.5 FM) who make regular announcements regarding school closures
  • A list of closed schools will be posted on the Heart Sussex website
  • A TEXT message will be sent out if we have to close the school
  • We will keep you updated via text message if your child’s class teacher is able to make it into school therefore, your child can then attend school. Please refer to our snow day procedures letter, as below.
  • Parents are requested not to telephone the school early in the morning as too many incoming calls may prevent us making the necessary arrangements to inform you of the situation.

Please click on the picture below for detailed information on our snow day procedures: