Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

At West Hove Infants we work in partnership with parents/carers to keep them informed about school systems and policy. We promote positive behaviour across the school.

By clicking on this link our positive behaviour booklet for parents will tell you:
• About our behaviour and relationships policy
• How we reward pupils for good behaviour
• How we deal with unacceptable behaviour
• Support available for pupils and parents
• What to do and who to talk to if you have concerns

How do we promote positive behaviour in the classroom?

This chart is on display in every classroom:

Behaviour Chart final with Rainbow cloud

How does the behaviour chart work?

Ready to Learn
All children begin at this stage at the start of each lesson and especially at the beginning of each day.

Learning Powers
When children demonstrate good learning behaviours in relation to our ‘learning powers’ their names are moved into this section.

Learning Powers
Learning Hero
Any child showing very good examples of ‘behaviour for learning’ moves to this section.

Let everyone know you are a star
Any child showing exceptional ‘behaviour for learning’ moves to this section and is sent to the Head of School for a certificate.

Think about it
Where there is low level disruption e.g. calling out, not demonstrating ‘good sitting, listening, etc.’ the child’s name will be moved here. This is an opportunity for the child to think about their behaviour. Some children may need support to ‘reset’ and be ready to learn.

Time to turn it around
If child continues with low level disruption, a further warning is given and the child is told that this is their last warning.

Time Out
At this point the child will be given time out. This may mean missing 5 minutes of playtime, time out in another class or time out with the Head of School.

West Hove Infant School Golden Rules

Golden Rules

We always aim to work closely with parents and try to find a positive way to deal with any situation. If incidents are serious or persistent parents will always be informed.

How Does West Hove Infants Deal with Bullying?

How does West Hove Infants deal with bullying Picture