Key Skills

We have recently been part of a pilot programme to innovate the way PSHE & C is planned and assessed. As such, the PSHE & C is divided into five distinct skills areas. These are:

  • Identity, Self-Awareness, Resilience and Managing feelings Me
  • Getting on with others- negotiation and consent My friends
  • Risk Management- Staying safe Safety
  • Getting Help Help
  • Media Messages- understanding and challenging /critical thinking Thinking

The coloured text shows the simpler contexts we put these into for our children. This gives them clear understanding of what life skills they will be learning in each session. This also helps teachers to clearly assess where children are succeeding and where more support can be offered to further their personal development.

Resources and Links

There are so many resources for PSHE & C online, It can be tricky to know where to begin! Below are some links to key websites where you can learn more ways to support learning at home.




Protective Behaviours

Global Citizenship