When and How to Contact Us

Why might you want to contact the WHIS governing board?

There are various reason you might want to contact the governing body, for example:

  • You have raised a complaint with the head, and now wish to accelerate it to the governing board (see complaints procedure in the policy section of our website)
  • You are a local business and wish to support the school through sponsorship, staff volunteering or similar
  • You are interested in becoming a governor yourself

Please rememberthat Governors deal with the strategic aspects of the school, not with operations. If you have a concern about something operational, for example road safety outside the school or a concern with your child not making progress you will need to speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance and if you do not feel that your concerns have been resolved then you can contact Mrs Southern(Executive Head) or Mr Massey (Head of School, School Road).

Please note that the governors are not directly involved in fundraising. The PTA organise fundraising activities & events throughout the school calendar. The PTA can be contacted http://www.westhoveinfants.co.uk/community/   

When might I informally meet a WHIS school governor?

Members of the governing board often attend our welcome events for new parents and parents evening to chat informally with parents.  You can find also find out who the governors are in the pictures and profiles in the Who’s Who section.

How can I contact the school governors? 

We are always happy to hear from parents and will do our best to respond quickly. The process for contacting us is as follows:

Email our Senior Clerk, Chelle McCann, at clerk@hovelearningfederation.brighton-hove.sch.uk

Telephone on: 01273 733386

Or you can write to us at:

West Hove Infant School
School Road Site
Portland Road
East Sussex BN3 5JA