WHIS Vision, Values, Mission and Aims


Together, the visionmission, and values statements provide direction for everything that happens in a school. They keep everyone focused on where the school is going and what it is trying to achieve. They also define the core values of the school and how people are expected to behave.



Defining Vision, Mission, Values and Aims

Where the school wants to get

A guiding image of success

Uniting people towards a common purpose

Values underpin the vision

They sum up what is important to the school and its staff

They  are words that describe the unique qualities present in the school community

They can be seen in the way staff and children behave

What the school needs to do to achieve the vision

The strategic commitment supporting the day to day operations of the school

Specific commitments supporting the delivery of the mission

Commitments embracing all aspects of school life and its people

Aims are measured and tracked over time to plot progress and inform next steps

Defining Vision, mission, values and aims

At WHIS we are committed to supporting all our children to be happy and achieving their very best. This is summed up in our strap-line “Aim High and Smile.”
  • Curiosity ~ developing lively and enquiry minds
  • Co-operation ~ working together, teamwork

  • Respect ~ appreciating differences and similarities and accepting of others
  • Perseverance ~ trying our best, not giving up!


  • Honesty ~ always telling the truth




  • Creativity ~ using our imaginations and different ideas to be creative in our learning and play

Our mission is to create a nurturing school community where all children and staff feel valued, are able to explore and enjoy their interests and where effort and achievement is celebrated. We strive to achieve this in the context of our local community of Hove, as well as within the broader context of a changing society.
Core commitments in quality of education, whole child well-being, improving life chances of disadvantaged children, SEN provision, safety (safeguarding and health and safety) and our community and society.


Bringing our mission to life through our aims

Broad area Current Aims
Quality of education
To deliver the highest quality teaching and learning, meeting the needs of all

Achieving the highest possible outcomes for all children

Whole child (behaviour, personal development, SMSC, pupil well-being)
The highest standards of behaviour , social manners and achievement is paramount

To celebrate attainment, achievement and diversity

To ensure children are safe, happy, polite, confident and achieving their fullest potential

Improving life chances of disadvantaged pupils
To improve life chances by providing opportunities to develop skills and attitudes for lifelong learning
SEN provision
Inclusion and provision of all learners with everyone achieving their potential
Safety (Safe guarding and health and safety)
Everyone thriving in a secure and safe environment
A motivated and skillful workforce who share and support one another

Actively pursuing improvement and embracing change in pursuit of excellence

To be mindful and supportive of the well-being and CPD of all staff

Our community and society
Meeting the needs of a changing community and society

To work effectively in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community


Our Schools Golden Rules

A hand-drawn poster of the school rules