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We will be packing our backpacks, grabbing our binoculars, putting our hiking boots on and going on a Great Adventure this half term! We will be reading lots of adventure stories (like Jack And The Flum Flum Tree), talking about them and re-telling using actions and ‘book language’ to help with our writing. We will be discussing ‘describing words’ and using technical vocabulary such as ‘adjective’ to make our speech and writing more interesting! We will be finishing our topic off by retelling a story about a curious little biscuit that comes to life and runs, runs as fast as he can off on an adventure! Can you guess who it might be?

In Phonics we will continue to learn our Phase 3 letter sounds and revise our Phase 2 sounds. We will be practising our blending and segmenting and play lots of games to spot the new sounds we have learnt. Don’t forget to practise your Phonics at home and see how many you can spot when you are out and about!

Children can continue to choose books to take home from our class book corners as often as you wish and change your reading scheme books twice a week. Please let us know as soon as your child can read all the words on their keyword card and we will check and give them a new card to practise.

In Maths we will continue with accurate 1:1 counting of objects and our understanding and recognition of numbers to 20 . We will also be doing lots of work with shapes; learning their names, describing their properties and using them to create repeated patterns using real shapes or perhaps printing them with paint.

In Understanding of the World we will be celebrating the diversity of our classes and learning more about some of the amazing countries around the world that our children have connections with. We would love to get support from our parents and will be looking to have visitors and borrow artefacts and expertise to make these countries come alive for our children. When we learn about the story of the Gingerbread Man we will also become chefs and mix ingredients to make our very own Gingerbread Man – let’s hope ours don’t run away!

This half term we are focusing on the Games aspect of PE. We will be moving with control and co-ordination using apparatus such as bean bags, skipping ropes and hoops and quoits working on our own and with a partner.

We will also be continuing to learn our cursive script in handwriting and practise forming one letter a week. We will be expecting our children, who are able to do so, to begin to use their knowledge of the cursive letter script in their adult led writing each week and it would also be great to see them having a go at using it in their independent writing. After all you don’t need to learn two different types if they use cursive from the start!

In Art we will continue to work on a range of skills using paint and collage. We will be celebrating the artwork and culture of the countries we explore and look forward to trying out new techniques and ideas. We will be making Chinese tiles from clay; Observing how the clay feels and how it can be moulded and pushed and pinched to create different effects.

In Music we will continue to follow our Music Express program as well as singing daily songs and rhymes in class. Each week we will continue to come together as a year group to take part in our singing assembly and share our love of song with each other.

In PSED we will be teaching the children to help to make better friends with the children and grown-ups in their class. We will practise working with the other children in the class by listening carefully to them and thinking about what they have said.  We will learn to be brave, share our ideas and try new things.

In Computing we will talk about uses of everyday technology and begin to work on controlling and programming Beebots.

As always, underpinning all subject areas is Communication and Language whereby we will be practising to express ourselves effectively and continue to expand our vocabulary about our Adventure topic.

Children will be learning inside as well as outside so don’t forget to practise doing up your coat at home so you can get outside and get stuck in as quickly as you can!


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