Welcome Message

Welcome sign final borderOn behalf of all the teaching and support staff, I would like to welcome you to our school website. It is designed to give you a glimpse of our school and is packed with information that parents /carers will need to know. If you are a prospective parent looking for an admission place for your child, then please contact the school office where we will be delighted to help you. We will strive to ensure that your child has a happy and enjoyable time during their three years with us.

We believe that children learn best in a relaxed yet focused environment, where they are confident about “having a go” at a wide range of curriculum activities. We offer activities such as art, music, dance, drama, literacy, numeracy, French, personal, social, health education and citizenship to mention but a few. Please look at our curriculum information for further detail.

We aim to encourage children in their strengths, whilst encouraging them to embrace new challenges. This is reflected in our vision phrase which is; ‘Aim high and smile’

It is recognised that children have different learning styles: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. So your child may learn best when he/she can be an excellent listener, or when he/she can see something drawn out, or when he/she can use their body to move around and be more ‘hands on’. All children use a combination of all three but with different emphasis. We aim therefore to cater for all three learning styles during every lesson so that we can engage all of our learners. We also build into lessons a number of brain breaks as research informs us that our brains like to have a break every now and then. Generally speaking, it is recognised that children can only concentrate for their chronological age plus two. Thus a five year old can concentrate for five plus two minutes to total seven altogether. We also share learning intentions with our children at the start of a lesson together with success criteria and return to them at the end of the lesson so that we can engage them in self-assessment.

We also believe that all of our stakeholders: children, parents, staff, governors and others associated with the school deserve a say in what goes on. An annual questionnaire helps us to continuously listen and respond to the needs of our community together with a weekly school’s council meeting where new proposals are discussed and voted upon. Each year 1 and year 2 class has a representative at each of these meetings.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and working with you to ensure that all children leave us with a love of learning and that they are well on their way to becoming life long learners.

Mrs Wendy Harkness – Headteacher