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Election of a Parent Governor

                                                                                    Tuesday 2nd January 2018



What are we looking for?

Our School Governing Body is made up of parents, staff, local authority and co-opted governors. Our governors may come to us through a variety of routes and with a range of different backgrounds, skills and experiences. They are all volunteers who work together for the benefit of our school and are the link between the school and the community it serves.

We are looking for a new parent governor to join the governing body team to support the strategic direction of the school.  This is an important and exciting opportunity and we welcome someone who can contribute fresh and stimulating ideas.  All parents/carers of a child registered at the school are invited to apply.

  • A child or children attending our School Road or Connaught Road site , to represent the parental voice
  • A background and/or knowledge of Human Resources management/procedures
  • A desire to contribute to and represent our diverse community
  • An interest in the performance of our school
  • An open and enquiring mind
  • The ability to look at issues objectively
  • The confidence to ask questions and join in debate
  • A willingness to listen and make informed judgments
  • The ability to work well with others
  • Able to give time to undertake the role

If you match the above description, you may be the very person to become a Governor at West Hove Infant school. Everyone has something to offer and we want people from as many backgrounds and with a wide a range of interests and skills as possible.

The role of the parent governor

Parent governors are sometimes regarded as the official channel for parent’s views which is not the case; there are other methods through which parents can engage with the school and express their views. The role of the Parent Governor is to provide a parents perspective within the governing body not to be the voice of parents at the school.  In governing body meetings, parent governors vote after hearing the views of all governors so they can make an informed decision.

What we can offer?

 A chance to develop skills in strategic management

  • The opportunity to work with our team of governors and staff in improving our school
  • Training to develop an understanding of specific school issues
  • A sense of achievement in making a difference to our school
  • The pleasure of helping students reach their potential
  • Bring your skills, knowledge and experience to the role

What is the Governing Body’s role?

The governing Body of our school plays a key role in:

  • Setting targets for raising standards of educational achievement
  • Monitoring progress towards meeting targets
  • Finding the right balance between supporting and challenging the performance of the headteacher and therefore the performance of her staff and the school as a whole
  • Deciding policy and future development plans
  • Upholding good governance and working towards the success of our school
  • Appointing the staff

The Governing Body works together as a team:

  • There is a minimum of six meetings of the Full Governing Body each year – sometimes the whole governing body is involved and sometimes Governors work in a smaller working group
  • Some governors have specific responsibilities – for example, Special Educational Needs, Health & Safety, Pupil Premium, and Self-Evaluation.
  • In addition to a full and detailed induction programme, all governors have the opportunity to undertake further training to build on existing skills or to develop new ones.

Being a governor can be enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding. Please do not be put off by thinking that you have to have specialist expertise or knowledge. Enthusiasm, interest and a commitment to attend meetings is much more important to start with and there is training and support available to help you throughout the four years term of office. The Governing Body at West Hove Infant School has long since been established and you will be supported by fellow governors with many years of combined experience.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Governing Body at West Hove Infant School, please contact Nikki Wheeler, Clerk to Governors for an application form or to find out more about the role and the appointment process. Email or telephone 01273 733386.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Applications to be received by 12 noon on Tuesday 16th January 2018.


Mrs Wendy Harkness                           Chris Baker                                         Cheryl Finella

Executive Headteacher                        Co-chair of Governors                      Co-chair of Governors

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